Our Mission

Our mission is to be seen as the first choice in every sector in which we operate, and to be viewed as a local company, with international reach, and unchallenged entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Strategy

We will build on our brand values, which are mentioned below, as well as the following:

  1. The expansion of the company to purchase new assets. This will include new businesses, and to develop new products, clients and target markets.Our focus will be in the following areas: emerging technologies, financial services, property development and training. However we will be open to any commercially viable and attractive opportunity if we feel there is space in the market to make it work.
  2. Internationalisation. Move into emerging markets, and become a global player.

Our Values

  • Entrepreneurial, honest, open and professional
  • Operating in a complex environment with integrity and trust
  • Diversification through innovation
  • Approachable and flexible in our thinking
  • Keep it simple