All Saints Asset Management plc

Hadrian's Tower, Newcastle upon Tyne

All Saints Asset Management is an investment vehicle with a multi-faceted strategy. The Company’s objective is twofold; the first element is investment in Private Rental Sales Schemes which will prove a significant opportunity in coming years and, secondly, the niche opportunity of rooftop development.


The Private Rental Sector has grown substantially in recent years and accounts for approximately 16.5% of all UK households. In ever increasing numbers both large institutional and individual investors are purchasing properties for the purposes of ‘buy to let’ – benefiting from both value rises in their acquired assets (UK house price rises) and from rising rents.

Having purchased and commenced the development of a 139 unit scheme in central Milton Keynes the company has gone on to secure projects throughout the UK in areas such as Birmingham, Manchester, Warrington and Newcastle. Whilst all exclusively secured by the Company the projects are in various stages of development and when concluded will provide circa 1,000 residential units. We aim to capitalise on this opportunity by ensuring the fundamentals of each development are thoroughly assessed for the holistic benefit of the scheme; for example, targeting the right demographic, building in the right location, ensuring proper consideration of unit design, the use of high quality material and creating a sense of place.


The Company is excited by the opportunity for the creation of new homes through the development of underused rooftop space in existing residential locations. There has long been an issue of the under-supply of new homes, twinned with a decrease in affordability. Our recent corroborated research has shown that a high quantity of unused roof space could be transformed into new homes, particularly in London and larger cities. Much of this space is owned by private companies with whom we have entered into joint venture agreements for the development of the space, with the joint venture partner providing the leverageable asset free of charge. Not only will these schemes provide the potential opportunity for use of renewable energies but also the creation of a significant windfall payment for freeholder, linked to market value of the new apartments, a reduction in the maintenance burden for freeholders/ leaseholders and vast improvement in the kerb appeal of properties through associated improvements to the façade and elevations.

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