Beauty therapy course to help those in crisis


Below is a recent press release concerning our Chairman’s sister Louise who will utilise the conference facilities at Hotel 52 Stanley to offer a Beautician’s Course for young women who may struggle to find employment or education elsewhere. If you know anyone who is interested, contact Louise on 01207-263-790.


A BEAUTICIAN is offering a lifeline to young women in crisis with a free course to help them set up their own business as a beauty therapist.

Louise Forrest, who has run her own hair and beauty salon, has set up training facilities at a former council care home in Stanley.

The 35-year-old will run private classes, as well as a community course to help people experiencing hardship develop their skills to help them turn their lives around.

Ms Forrest said: “I like helping people and this beginners’ course is aimed at people who may be did not do well at school, ex-offenders, women who have experience domestic violence; people who are in crisis.

“They will be able to learn the basics, get insurance and set up their own little business. This is about changing lives.” The new business, Beauty Training Newcastle, which is being run with Ms Forrest’s business partner, Danielle McGuigan, will be based at Hotel 52, formerly Stanfield House, which opened before Christmas following a major refurbishment.

Ms Forrest, who has a teaching degree, as well as a degree in media studies, is a former television researcher who worked on hit shows including The Jeremy Kyle Show, The X Factor, Geordie Shore, Britain’s Got Talent and One Born Every Minute.

The mother-of-two, who grew up in Richmond, said she herself was expelled from school and fell pregnant when she was 16.

She has been in an abusive relationship in the past and hopes her new business will help people who are looking for focus and direction in their lives. To take part in a Beauty Begins course, which will be financed through funding applications, people need to be referred from a support organisation, such as Just For Women in Stanley.

They are for people aged 17 and over, and are held for three days a week, for six weeks.

Ms Forrest said: “I am used to working people with barriers to learning.

“I am passionate about helping people who are struggling in life and helping them get back to work.”

To find out more call about the course, or private beauty therapy classes, call Ms Forrest on 01207-263-790.