Hadrian's Tower Timelapse - September 2019

The latest Timelapse of High Street Residential's Hadrian's Tower on Rutherford Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.

9 Reasons to Live in Hadrian’s Tower

9 Reasons to Live in Hadrian’s Tower

Now that we have reached the top floor of the build of Hadrian’s Tower, we’re excited to share what it is like to live there. 

With high rise living and a world class lifestyle, here’s 9 reasons to make Hadrian’s Tower your home. 

1: Hadrian’s Tower has the fastest broadband in Newcastle 

Or possibly even the North East! As reported in BDaily News and featured in The Chronicle, Hadrian’s Tower is set to have the fastest WiFi connection in the land. 

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Not only is this perfect for gamers, streamers, and other WiFi extraordinaires, but a feature film will download in just one minute...So get ready to binge-watch like you’ve never binged before! Plus, if you work from home you’ll never need to worry about slow-loading programs again.

In fact, the ultra-fast full fibre optic cabling installed in the building will be 25 times faster than the UK average*, delivering speeds of 1Gbps (Gigabits per second). 

2: It’s not just a home, it’s a lifestyle

As cheesy as it sounds, Hadrian’s Tower really has been designed for the future. On top of the super-fast broadband, each tenant will have access to a tonne of facilities to make their day-to-day that little bit easier. Including a concierge, residents’ support, and Tower Tapp - the exclusive residents’ app.

The app will let you book cleaners, lock and unlock your door, turn up the heating, and book a table at your favourite haunt. More free time and less housework? Sounds like a winner to us!

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3: It’s the healthiest tower block in Newcastle 

In addition to the facilities mentioned, Hadrian’s Tower will also have its very own catering service. Residents can either pick it up from the venue directly, or pre-order it from home, or on the go.

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Plus, all food served will be clean, calorie controlled, and delicious. 

Simply order your meal from the residents’ app, choose your amounts (calories, macros, food groups, etc.), and pick it up.

For residents only, you can wave goodbye to the regular food shop, and say hello to quick, convenient, tasty meals that you didn’t have to slave over.

4: Coffee, coffee, coffee

Say goodbye to Costa and Starbucks, your new home has a coffee bar on the ground floor - perfect for those frosty Monday morning work-runs.

There will also be grab-and-go breakfast available every morning, with plenty of calorie controlled healthy options to get you started (and a few unhealthy ones too!)

Picture it; it’s December, you’re running late for work and you had a few too many wines at the residents monthly event last night - but a bacon buttie and piping hot coffee ready to pick up on your way out. The dream.

5: Hadrian’s Tower is a commuter’s dream 

Situated just two minutes from St. James’ Park, Newcastle Train Station, and less than 10 minutes pretty much every major public transport link in the city, it really is perfect for that work commute - whether you work outside or inside of Newcastle.

More importantly, you’re also smack bang in the centre of the friendliest city in the UK: ‘with heaps of culture [that] makes visitors soon feel like locals. The atmosphere in the Newcastle and beyond is hard to match, with a homey feel and locals who go the extra mile to welcome tourists.’

Of course, we’re not going to try and tell you how amazingly friendly Newcastle is as a city, you probably already live here. Isn’t it lovely?

6: It’s more than just a tower, it’s a community

In the true spirit of the Toon, its tallest tower will be community focused, emulating just how friendly the city at large is. 

Each resident will be able to attend community events like wine tasting nights, get to know your neighbour evenings, and yoga - among other things. All of which you can book from the Tower Tapp app.

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These groups will be set up with the aim of making sure that Hadrian’s Tower residents really do feel at home. Building vertical communities is the aim of The High Street Group, and as you may have noticed we aim high!

The tower will also have friendly building management staff to support residents with their needs, who will get to know each resident by name and greet you every day when you come back from work.

7: A room with a view

Have you ever seen Newcastle city centre from nearly one hundred metres up? If you have ever had the fortune to go up Grey’s Monument (do it, it’s amazing) imagine that, except it’s twice as high - and it’s the view from your living room. At full height, the tower is over 6 times taller than the Angel of the North itself!

Though the tower is still in the process of being built, it has already been nominated for several awards for the views alone. As low down as the seventh floor, you can see the entirety of Newcastle city centre with a simple turn of your head. 

Check out the views as reported by The Chronicle here.

8: The Sky Bar will be a sight to behold

At the top of the tower will be an incredible Sky Bar created with Laurent-Perrier. 

There’s nothing more we can say except imagine drinking a beautiful cocktail or glass of champagne after a hard day’s work to these views?

9: You’ll be a part of The High Street Club

Owned by The High Street Group, Hadrian’s Tower residents will have preferential access to the Group’s network of stunning bars, hotels, and restaurants - including the recently opened (and already hugely popular) Purple Peacock Newcastle. Residents will be able to pre-book tables or order food at Three 60, and will have preference for entry to Newcastle’s most exclusive champagne lounge

Residents will also be able to visit (and stay) in other buildings owned by the Group around the UK - AirBnB style. Fancy visiting the extended family over in Manchester? Stay at a stunning apartment in Middlewood Plaza at a preferential rate, and you’ll be just ten minutes from the city centre.

To learn more about the High Street life, check out our exclusive members club for investors, Club High Street.

Hadrian's Tower Timelapse - August 2019

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Hadrian's Tower Timelapse - August 2019

A time lapse of High Street Residential’s Hadrian’s Tower on Rutherford Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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