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High Street Hospitality identifies potential opportunities in the hospitality sector in the form of hotels, restaurants and bars, which are subsequently purchased and renovated, and operated profitably under our brands.

An opportunity late in 2016 to purchase an under-performing and neglected hotel in the coastal town of Whitley Bay saw the birth of the Hotel 52 brand. The acquisition and transformation of The Newquay Lodge Hotel, including the implementation of cost efficiencies and effective management systems led to an increase in demand of the hotel, and therefore increased occupancy and reduced costs.

The subsequent renovation of an old care home led to the launch of Hotel 52 Stanley in late 2017 in an area of little quality accommodation however well placed for the popular tourist attractions such as Durham City and Beamish Museum. This hotel has proved extremely popular and exceeded all expectations in regards to occupancy levels in early months.

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Who we are

Phill Brumwell

Managing Director, High Street Hospitality

Kelly Knox

Area Hotel Manager

Phil Smith

Operations Manager

Natalie Forrest

Area Hotel Manager


High Street Hospitality was formed in 2016 as part of the Group’s long term vision to own and operate 15-20 hotels in the next 7 years. These hotels, mainly based in the North of England, provide budget boutique accommodation under the Hotel 52 brand.

The addition of on-site restaurant and bar facilities to each hotel site, which cater for both residents and the local market, maximises the income stream for the establishments.



Our mission is to purchase and renovate mid-sized hotels in areas of opportunity and demand, to provide a budget boutique hotel stay with exceptional customer service and unique dining and recreational options on site.

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