Team Profile

David Salkeld

Development Manager | Residential

A Chartered Surveyor with a degree in Economics and a Masters in Property Valuation and Law, Patrick joined The High Street Group as the Managing Director for First Penthouse, as part of a company-wide acquisition of the rooftop development company.

Initially working for First Penthouse, Patrick was responsible for all business development, partner acquisition, sales, and marketing. However, with the acquisition of the company, Patrick now works at a directorial level within the Group and is able to focus on more strategic thinking. 

Within the Group, Patrick is responsible for all things First Penthouse, ensuring that the overall direction of the company is commercially viable and strategically sound. Patrick also represents First Penthouse within Group board and directors meetings, ensuring requirements are clear for how best to progress the First Penthouse brand.

At present, Patrick’s work primarily involves utilising the Group’s network of institutional investors and corporations to secure larger, more profitable projects for First Penthouse – something which has only been possible since the acquisition of the company by The High Street Group.