The reason for this is to create world-class lifestyle options within the PRS schemes for the residents and the local communities. This "inside out" approach means that The High Street Group can leverage its internal assets to an existing audience and deliver that same experience to the public as well.
Our approach also allows for the inclusion of adjacent or internal space for dining and bar options, which are promoted not only to the hotel residents but to the local area to maximise the income from each asset, and further increase the long term value of the business.
Our team of experts in High Street Residential have identified areas such as Manchester, Birmingham, and Newcastle as areas where there is significant regeneration happening and consequently a much higher return on property investment. Through First Penthouse, the focus falls on rooftop developments in London.
Simply visit our All Saints Construction page for owner occupiers and prospective tenants can visit High Street Residential to find their ideal home.

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Founded in 2006, The High Street Group is an award-winning family of companies successfully growing in three key sectors; private rental schemes, property construction, and hospitality investment.

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Our mission is to change the way people experience living. We are building communities through lifestyle offerings which give our residents more than just a place to rest their heads, we want to give them a place where they love to be.

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