All Saints Living

All Saints Living is The High Street Group’s property development company which works primarily in the residential sector throughout England, Wales & Scotland. Launched in late 2013, All Saints Living has grown substantially already with over 100 residential units under construction.

Our aim is to provide homes of the highest standard; aspirational properties that we are proud to call All Saints Living homes. We apply the same high standards to everything we do, from acquisition & construction through to issues such as community and environmental impact. Starting from the initial design concept through to construction of the finished product, we aim to maximise value of the properties whilst introducing innovative architecture and high quality interior design.

We have a strong entrepreneurial culture and we actively seek further projects that suit the company profile. We are capable of undertaking small and large projects, and we pride ourselves on our flexibility on how we acquire opportunities to best meet the requirements of all parties.

In conjunction with High Street Boutique Finance, we look at each project individually on merit and potential, priding ourselves in recognising unique redevelopment or refurbishment opportunities to provide luxury homes.

Please visit our website to see our current projects or call us on 0191 211 4130.