High Street Boutique Finance


High Street Boutique Finance hold a number of assets which are managed on behalf of The High Street Group. These include the following developments & projects:

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We have recently launched our Boutique Partner Program for select high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.

We frequently come across one off, specialists investments, and have launched Boutique Partners to share these investment opportunities with a select group of people. Our partners will always have first choice of appropriate Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) to invest in, that are not available to the retail public as a direct investment. Our investments are usually asset backed, expertly researched and produce returns on capital that are well above the market norm. Bespoke Boutique Partner terms can be tailored to fit your appetite to risk and your length of capital risk exposure.

Call the team on 0191 211 4120 option 3 for further information.

For more information visit the High Street Boutique Finance website or call us on 0191 211 4120 option 3.